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StylesOf'Mango Presents Story

Here's a quick story of how StylesOf'Mango Presents came to be. The original name was 'Wett Mango'. From 2009-2012 she was a rapper and writer and was with 2 groups in that span of time. Around 2010/2011 she was trying to figure out a new name for herself. A producer came up with it and as they say the rest is history. Well not really, she stopped rapping and writing and in the midst of all that, she was doing Natural Hair in 'Salon Central' in Charlotte, NC, which is where she's from. With her making more money outside of the shop she came up with 'Styles By'Mango', and she was known for doing Locs. Years passed with that and now she just goes by Mango. That's her Brand and that's who she is. 

Speed up January 2020 (27yrs old) in Los Angeles, CA, she starts showcasing PrincessM Choreo/Freestyles and Styles Of Mango. July 2020 she drops MKP Accessories. 2021 she came up with the concept that she wanted to showcase every part of who she is and figure out a way to make a profit. Almost like a mini Amazon but it's all things Mango. Every avenue she's been in, this is what this website is about. First drop was PrincessM Choreo/Freestyles which is Social Media Based, 2nd StylesOf'Mango with her showing her style and Support of Black Businesses, 3rd MKP Accessories that she co-owns with her daughter KP, and now aweS.O.M. nails which is a Press-On Nail Business. There's more in store but you'll have to stay tuned and stay connected to see. This is Only the Beginning!

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