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aweS.O.M. nails
and how it started

Quick back story on how aweS.O.M. nails came to be. Mango has had a love for nails since she was 7yrs old, seeing her older cousins nails all the time. Her mother allowed her to wear Press-On Nails until she was about 10, when one of her cousins took her to the nail salon. And honestly that's all she wrote. Years speed up and she's known for how she gets her nails done, from the color, designs, and styles that she chooses. Around 2011 a friend of her's blessed her with a Nail Kit and by the end of 2011, "Flava Nails" was born, which was named by her childhood friends at the time. Mid 2013 "Flava Nails" was done and she wouldn't do nails until 2022, when she started making Press-On's. It was like riding a bike without all the hassle, she could just create and thus aweS.O.M. nails was born. These nails are for the Simple, Minimalist, the people that want a Little Razzle Dazzle but Not Too Much, but still keep it Cute and Bold at the same time. From young to old can shop here and that's why it's So aweS.O.M. So You.

One of the 1st sets Mango ever did (End of 2011)
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