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Quick Backstory of
MKP Accessories

Such a Unique Brand

MKP Accessories is an online store that has continuously featured a variety of Unique and Affordable products since day one (July 1, 2020). Originally from Charlotte, NC but Resides in Los Angeles, CA, StylesOf'Mango aka Mango (27, now 29) and her daughter KP (10, now 12) started this business after Covid hit the world. Mango has always had a love for Accessories for years and KP wanting to be a Fashion Designer in the Future, MKP Accessories was born. With Generational Wealth in mind, why not start a business that she can pass down to her daughter, because what is fashion without Accessories, right?

Mango's passion for being Creative and Different has driven them from the beginning and continues to drive them in the future. The team at MKP Accessories knows that every product counts and strives to make the entire shopping experience on their website as rewarding and unique as possible. Check out their store and get in touch with Mango if you have any questions or concerns.

KP rocking a pair of MKPA Hoops

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