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Mango's Choice is the Owners Pick of the items for the Price You Select. Every Order will be Different and All Items will be Picked at Random that Add Up to (or More) the Price Selected.

平 Minimum items in Every Order- 2+

平 In the Notes at Checkout you can put a Favorite Color(s) but you Do Not have a Choice in the Items. There is No Guarantee you will get the Color(s).

平 MKP Accessories will be in Every Price Range.

平 aweS.O.M. nails will be in the $15-$50 Prices. Nails will Not Always be Chosen, BUT If you know your Nail Size, put that in the Notes at Checkout. IF we do choose Nails (with or without a Size) 20-24ct can/will be picked. You Do Not have a choice in Nail Length, remember items are Chosen at Random.

Mango's Choice

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