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Shipping Policy

*Shipping Delays may occur due to Covid or other reasons that are out of

StylesOf'Mango Presents control*

1.) All items are weighed before being added to the website and after the package is fulfilled. USPS is linked to the website to ensure the correct and fair Shipping Fee(s).


2.) All orders are ONLY shipped through USPS.


3.) As of right now we ONLY ship in the USA; We are based out of California.


4.) Once we ship your item(s) and give you your Tracking Number (sent to your Email), it is out of our (StylesOf'Mango Presents) control. Please contact USPS for further shipping info, questions, concerns, and/or issues.


5.) We double check your Order, your Name, and your Address before shipping. We also check to make sure your Tracking Number matches your Package before Emailing you.


6.) All orders are Processed and Shipped in 1-3 days from when you ordered.

7.) Usual Shipping Days are: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. With the exception of Holidays, Emergencies, etc.


8.) Monday & Tuesday orders ship Wednesday

Wednesday & Thursday orders ship Friday

Friday, Saturday & Sunday orders ship Monday

9.) We go 'Live' the day before our usual Shipping Days, so all 'Live' Orders will Ship Next Day. Social Media Post will announce 'Live' times and days.

10.) USA - First Class Mail (1-3 Business Days)

Priority Mail (2-4 Business Days)

These are Estimated, you may receive your order Earlier or Later than expected.


Thank You for your cooperation and understanding. Happy Shopping!

-StylesOf'Mango Presents

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