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The Story Behind StylesOf'Mango Gallery

StylesOf'Mango Gallery seed was planted when Mango was 6yrs old and her mother took her and her sister to Modeling Classes at John Casablanca Modeling Service/School. She went there for about a year and that's what sparked it all. Mango has never been Camera Shy and doesn't mind taking a photo at any time. Well unless she's not looking decent enough. She's known for having her own style and never being afraid to Stand Out, fitting in was never her thing even when she's tried to. In 2019 she started posting for Brand Ambassadorship on Instagram, after she went to a party and photographer wanted to have a private photoshoot with her. That's where the fire in her started again when she thought those embers died. By 2020 her following grew to 900 followers. That might not be a lot to many but that was over 300 followers in the course of 6 months. In 2020 is when she got serious but as time progressed she fell off but she's back better than ever. And thus StylesOf'Mango Gallery was born, a portfolio of showcasing her Style from Black Owned Businesses and other well known businesses, that you don't have to fit in to Stand Out.

2019 at the Party that started the fire again
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